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Of Sabyasachi and Florals

Sabyasachi is an Indian designer of repute. His clothes are very fashionable without being ott. And if you have kept your eyes open, you would have seen his current line everywhere. right from Cannes to IIFA awards held at Malaysia. Sabya has got his fingers on the pulse of the Indian woman. He knows what she wants. There isnt a lot of skin, The drapes are beautiful, the prints complementing. His recent summer resort collection has a lot of wide bodied floral skirts with striped tops. Matching prints is not an easy task. But he does it with elan. And this is something that I see myself in. the world is currently obsessed with florals. And these are good way to match and compare. I,most definitely, will not be able to afford a Sabyasachi,but I can see myself in a spin off of the same. maybe I will make myself one ūüôā

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celebrities rocking Sabyasachi

celebrities rocking Sabyasachi


Style Icon: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on earth. But her beauty is more cherubic than greek. SHe does look like an angel, with her small face and deep dimples. What In really admire about her is her style – her casual street style. She might be in torn jeans but she manages to make even that look awesome. Most of her clothes have clean straight lines. Cigarette pants and a casual blouse.Or a plain maxi dress with a belt. Even her LBD without any accessories looks ethereal. In fact I think that her street style is better than when she dresses up for events. I would like to cop her post maternity looks. I wish I look that awesome with my kid in tow.



Tulle is for baby girls who want to dress up as princesses.right? Wrong. Tulle is for everybody and I’m not just saying bridal.(remember Carrie in the pink tutu). My recent fascination is tulle skirts and the way people are dressing it up.(or down). Turns out its not very difficult.The fabric is so versatile,you can pair it with anything.literally anything. My favourite combination is tulle skirt and denim shirt.For a more dressy affair,pair it with sequins. Or a plain vest for everyday use. A pair of converse for the girl in you or glitter pumps for the princess. Like I said,you can pair it with ANYTHING. Dont believe me? check it out.


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Spring is going to be short and colourful.Very Very colourful. Clean straight lines in bold colours are trending on the runway.Short skirts,frills, ruffles and A-lines ar\e going to be the staples,come spring. Take a look.






The season of print madness is over.Thankfully. It didnt work for me somehow. My tastes in fashion are a little conservative.And I couldnt stand to see flowers and stripes together. Loved the Dior and Celine shows.Clean straight lines.Clear palettes. and clear nails too. I always wondered how people managed to fit sooooo much into so little.(i mean nails here). Anyway,it really came as a breath of fresh air. these lines. The colours. The cut. I’m sold.


Yellow Yellow

I know/people have been telling me that the colour of the season is green.more precisely, emerald green.And I love the colour. But I’ve been noticing a lot of yellow on the ramp. maybe its what follows. Or maybe,i’m a liitle behind times. Whatever it is, there is nothing that brightens up an outfit like yellow does. Wear a monochrome yellow pencil skirt with a polka dotted top. Or just a bright yellow top with emerald green trousers. What a feast it would be for the eyes. check out the ramp versions.



And some celebrity sightingsImage

and celebs rocking yellow:






Michael kor
$1,715 –

Giorgio armani

China glaze nail polish
$18 –

Mimco Serene Strand
$135 –

Of Sugar and Spice, And All Things Nice

Elie Saab Haute  Couture Spring 2013 was a delight. The clean lines and silhouettes,draped beautifully over the curves was a feast for the eyes. and the sparkle. the glitter. its everything that a girl wishes for and done quite aestheticaly. I dont know why anybody wouldnt want to get married in one of these gowns. The lines have matured over the years,but the essence is still the same. Its the grown up version of a disney fairy tale. LOVE LOVE LOVE.



Brides of India

India is a big country and the different parts of India are so different from each other that customs, traditions, languages and clothes vary vastly. This is going to be a feature on Brides of India. We have 27 states and 7 union territories (I think. The reason being, new states are created almost every other day, old states are being dissolved and its really difficult to keep up with it). Each state has it sown customs and traditions. Also, since very ancient time India has been mired in the caste system. Plus there have been invaders. Everybody has left their mark on India. So 27 states and 100 types of marriages with 100 different customs. Notwithstanding that, the Indian love for gold is perpetual. Whichever corner of the country the bride is from, she will have an enormous amount of gold jewellery adorning her. check.


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